Kronenwetter Accident Causes Injury

One person was taken to the hospital after a crash at the intersection of Highways X and XX in Kronenwetter.   An officer with the Kronenwetter Police Department says a 64-year-old woman failed to stop at the intersection and collided with a car driven by a 17-year-old girl. The driver of the van was taken to the hospital. The extent of her injuries is unknown. The teen was treated at the scene. The investigation into the cause of the crash is ongoing.

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Insurance claims resulting from intersection accidents are common and insurance companies will usually try to place some negligence (fault) on the driver who had the right-of-way.  It is important that anyone injured in an intersection accident get the advice of a personal injury attorney before speaking with an insurance company, even if it is their “own” insurance company.  You may say or do the wrong thing without even knowing it.  Call Bremer & Trollop Law Offices for a free consultation. We will schedule a meeting with you to discuss your claim in detail at no cost.

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If you are recovering from an injury, you need to focus on regaining your health. You should not have to negotiate with stubborn insurance companies or compromise with a defendant.

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