Wausau, Wisconsin, April 21, 2023: Bremer & Trollop Law Offices is pleased to announce that Lance Trollop was recently re-elected to the Wausau School Board to continue serving the community for the next three years. Trollop graduated from the Wausau School District, and his children currently attend schools in the district.

Trollop understands the challenges the school district faces from his experiences as a student and a parent of children in the district. He noted before the election that the top issues that must be addressed include finances, student achievement, and district reorganization for efficiency. His re-election to the Wausau School Board will allow him to continue providing valuable input to ensure that students get the best educational opportunities and that the staff has better working conditions.

Bremer & Trollop Law Offices is proud to be a local law firm. They show appreciation by involving the community to make it a better place for everyone. Serving on the Wausau School Board is one way they can help the local community.

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