Carly Krueger

Mosinee High School Scholar of the Month - Carly Krueger

Carly Krueger, a senior at Mosinee High School, has been selected as the February Scholar of the Month by Bremer & Trollop Law Offices S.C. Carly Krueger is noted as an exceptional student who consistently enrolls in the most challenging classes offered; but her teachers and peers state that what differentiates Carly from other students is her strong work ethic and enthusiastic attitude. Carly is an exceptional athlete who has played at the varsity level in basketball and softball for several years.

As part of the Scholar of the Month program, Carly will receive a scholarship from Bremer & Trollop Law Offices, to be awarded at the close of the 2012-2013 academic year. To be eligible for this recognition, the Bremer & Trollop Scholar of the Month must be a senior and be selected by his or her instructors based on the quality of the work that has been completed in the core curricular areas. Carly is the daughter of Mary and Gary Krueger.

Bremer & Trollop Law Offices S.C. is proud to recognize Carly’s exceptional athletic and academic performance.