Haley Sisel

Rhinelander High School's Scholar of the Month - Haley Sisel 

Bremer & Trollop Law Offices congratulate Haley Sisel, a senior at Rhinelander High School, who was chosen as the Bremer & Trollop January Scholar of the Month

David Ditzler, school Principal, said the following about her, “I enthusiastically nominate Haley Sisel, a senior at Rhinelander High School, for the Bremer & Trollop Scholar of the month. Haley embodies everything one would hope to see in a young person coming through high school. Haley’s academic achievements place her with the very top students in our school, she participates and leads in numerous sports and clubs, and she has a personality that endears her to all, students and staff alike. Haley leads the RHS FBLA/DECA, the largest, most active and visible student organization in school. Her leadership is focused and she is driven to make this organization benefit as many students as possible. Haley is interested in pursuing a career in medicine, right now with a focus on orthopedics.

As a Scholar of the Month, Haley will be awarded a scholarship from Bremer & Trollop Law Offices at the close of the 2017-2017 academic year. To be eligible for this recognition, the Bremer & Trollop Scholar of the Month must be a senior and be selected by his or her instructors based on the quality of the work that has been completed in the core curricular areas.  

Haley is the daughter of Thomas and Melissa Sisel.