Wausau Hit-and-Run Injures Two

A hit-and-run in Wausau injured two people on Thursday. A 65-year-old man and a 68-year-old woman were injured when another driver struck their car at the intersection of North Sixth and McClellan streets and then fled the scene. Police found the suspect, Matthew Gendron, a few blocks away, parked and trying to flee on foot. Gendron was arrested on preliminary charges of a hit-and-run and second-offense intoxicated driving. He was also given traffic citations for driving without insurance or a license and for running a stop sign. The accident victims were taken to Aspirus Wausau Hospital to be treated for their injuries.

Learn more at The Wausau Daily Herald.

While this hit-and-run driver was found, in many cases, the driver is not found.  Fortunately, every car insurance policy in Wisconsin has Uninsured Motorist Coverage, which provides the compensation that an injured person would have been able to receive from the unknown hit-and-run or miss-and-run driver. Miss-and-run or “phantom motor vehicle” cases arise when an unidentified driver makes no physical contact with you or your vehicle but still causes harm. For example, if a car cuts you off and forces you to swerve and crash into a guardrail, while the car did not hit you, it caused the accident. In these cases, in order to receive Uninsured Motorist Coverage, the law requires you to: 1) find witnesses who can support your version of events, 2) report the accident to police within 72 hours, and 3) within 30 days, provide a statement under oath to your insurance company to notify it that you have a miss-and-run claim against a person who cannot be identified.

In hit-and-run and miss-and-run cases, it is important to involve an experienced personal injury law firm right away to make sure all of these special steps are taken. The lawyers at Bremer & Trollop Law Offices have experience handling hit-and-run and miss-and-run cases, and can help you get the coverage you are paying for from your car insurance company. Call Bremer & Trollop today to set up a free consultation today. Bremer & Trollop has offices in Wausau, Marshfield, Stevens Point, Mincoqua and Antigo.

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