Large trucks, while crucial to our economy, can cause dangerous conditions for drivers. They have big blind spots that endanger any vehicle traveling nearby. Since they are slow to accelerate or stop, they could disrupt the flow of traffic or collide with other vehicles on a highway. Their significant size limits visibility for nearby cars, and their weight makes any crash more dangerous.

If you were injured in a collision with a tractor trailer, you could seek financial compensation from the person or parties who caused the wreck. A Wausau truck accident lawyer could help you identify the careless driver and develop a compelling personal injury claim.

Common Injuries Associated with Truck Crashes

Unfortunately, injuries that people suffer in tractor trailer crashes are often fatal. For instance, the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety reports that 11 percent of parkway fatalities in 2019 involved large trucks.

Those who survive a crash with a commercial vehicle could be left with catastrophic injuries, such as severe wounds to the head, brain, or spinal cord. The driver of a smaller car might be crushed, resulting in permanent damage to internal organs. Compound fractures and traumatic amputations are also typical.

Any of these injuries could require expensive medical treatment and continued attention. Some wounds might make it so you cannot work or live without assistance. Fortunately, if you were injured in a truck accident, a skilled attorney in Wausau could help you pursue the damages you need to fully recover from your pain and suffering.

How to Collect Monetary Damages in a Truck Accident Case

To collect financial compensation, you must prove that a defendant’s negligence caused the commercial vehicle crash. Negligence refers to a failure exercise due care.

Trucks drivers are common carriers under federal law, meaning that these employees have a “heightened responsibility” to obey all traffic laws and drive safely. If a tractor-trailer driver does not follow these rules, you could hold them responsible for a crash.

For example, if a truck was overloaded, speeding, changing lanes recklessly, or engaging in other unsafe behavior, proof of these activities could serve as evidence of negligent behavior. Similarly, if your lawyer discovers that a trucker drove while drunk or violated their company’s rules, they might face legal consequences, including prosecution.

A knowledgeable lawyer in Wausau could investigate a truck accident in great detail to determine whether the driver’s reckless actions caused your injuries.

 Could Multiple People Have Caused a Truck Crash?

Many people collaborate to make sure that commercial vehicles operate safely, which means that multiple parties might have played a part in causing a serious truck accident.

Depending on the details of the crash, the people who could face responsibility include:

  • The commercial vehicle company that employs the driver
  • A truck driver who operates as an independent contractor
  • A vehicle maintenance company if the condition of the truck was an issue in the crash
  • The people responsible for loading a truck if excess weight or load shift caused the wreck
  • A commercial vehicle manufacturer if mechanical failure caused the accident
  • A local government if improper road maintenance triggered the crash

A skilled attorney in Wausau could determine if multiple people contributed to a truck accident and help you hold all the relevant individuals accountable for their failure to exercise due care.

Call a Wausau Truck Accident Attorney about Your Case

The trucking industry is an important part of our society, and commercial vehicle companies often have substantial amounts of money. In many cases, they might use their power to minimize the legal consequences of their dangerous behavior.

If you were involved in a tractor-trailer crash, a loyal attorney could help you collect the compensation you deserve. A dedicated Wausau truck accident lawyer could fight back against the manipulative tactics of insurance adjusters and protect your rights. Contact the office today to schedule your free consultation.

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