Watching a child suffer after an accident is difficult. Your child deserves to recover fully, especially after situations caused by another person’s negligence. Fortunately, when you can prove that someone else hurt your child, you are likely entitled to substantial compensation. Whether an injury is the result of an accident, a caretaker’s abuse, or any other negligent act, a personal injury attorney can help.

Your child is worthy of help, and so are you. Let a dedicated Wausau child injury lawyer put their years of experience to work.

What Usually Causes Child Injuries?

Most child injuries are caused by an adult’s negligence. A teacher, babysitter, or caretaker may have failed to supervise or protect a child, putting them at risk. The injury may also be related to an accident caused by a third party. More specific causes of serious child injuries include:

Regardless of the specific cause, all accidents involving kids deserve hardworking legal representation. An intelligent Wausau attorney could offer this representation after a child injury, helping ensure that a family receives compensation for all the losses associated with an accident.

How Long Does One Have to File a Child Injury Claim?

All injury plaintiffs must usually file a civil claim for monetary damages within a specific time frame. Generally, Wisconsin Statutes § 893.54 obligate a person to file their case against a negligent party within three years of the accident in question. Failure to submit a claim on time might result in the dismissal of a case.  However, some child injury cases may be subject to tolling. Tolling extends the statute of limitations period, potentially until the child reaches the age of 20.

Even if a legal representative confirms that the time limit associated with a child injury claim is longer, it is best not to wait. Evidence lost over time may make a civil claim harder to prove. To prevent any issues related to the statute of limitations, an injured child and their parent should reach out to a seasoned lawyer in Wausau right away.

Monetary Damages in Child Injury Cases

There are many different losses that a child accident claim could reimburse for, including but not limited to:

  • Pain and suffering
  • Loss of companionship
  • Medical bills and rehabilitation expenses
  • Reduced quality of daily and future life
  • A parent’s lost income while they care for their child

A knowledgeable attorney in Wausau can help a family collect the financial compensation they need to best care for their injured child.

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Child injury cases demand prompt and careful attention. Our legal team has the experience needed to investigate a case and help return your life to normal. When you work with our attorneys to prove the cause of the accident in question, you might be able to collect substantial compensation.

A Wausau child injury lawyer is ready to protect your rights and fight for your integrity. Call our office today to get started.

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