Boating is a great pastime for many people. Whether you prefer boating on the Wisconsin River or other local waterways, you deserve to enjoy your time on a boat. Unfortunately, other negligent boaters fun experience into a nightmare. If other people act carelessly on the water, you could crash your vessel and suffer serious injuries. Fortunately, after a boating accident, you likely have the right to seek compensation for your losses and setbacks.

A dedicated Wausau boat accident lawyer is ready to help identify the cause of an accident and pinpoint who is to blame. Our seasoned injury attorneys work tirelessly to secure the best possible case outcome.

How Negligence Leads to Boat Accidents

Similar to the traffic laws that drivers have to follow on the road, boaters must follow specific rules and expectations. One basic duty is to exercise reasonable care when operating a watercraft. This means that a boater must conduct themselves as any responsible person would in the same or similar situation. A violation of this basic duty would be considered negligence. To prove this negligence or carelessness after a boat crash, a plaintiff needs to demonstrate that:

  • The other boater had a duty of care
  • The other boater violated that duty of care
  • This violation caused a boat accident
  • The accident in question led to verifiable injuries

According to Wis. JI-Civil 1001, demonstrating each of these elements would help a plaintiff collect compensation for their injuries. A skilled lawyer in Wausau knows how to establish these necessary elements and keep a boat accident case moving forward.

Common Causes of Wausau Boat Crashes

There are many different negligent actions that could lead to a boat accident. Some of the most common dangerous behaviors seen in local cases include:

  • Violating speed limits
  • Creating dangerous wakes
  • Boating while intoxicated
  • Travelling too closely to other boats or watercraft
  • Navigating through swim only zones

Determining the exact cause of a boat crash can be challenging if the circumstances or situation becomes unclear, but a detail-oriented lawyer in Wausau can take charge of a case and begin the investigation process.

Valuable Evidence in Boat Crash Claims

Since there are a few important elements that a claimant needs to establish in their boat accident claim, a skilled Wausau attorney is the best person to perform an investigation.

A detailed analysis of a boat crash often includes looking into insurance reports, speaking with witnesses, reviewing any recordings or surveillance footage, and taking depositions of the parties. It may even require the involvement of medical or economic experts to help establish the value of an injured person’s setbacks. Our legal team has the knowledge and experience necessary to complete this process as efficiently as possible.

Seek Compensation with a Wausau Boat Accident Attorney

If you were involved in a boat accident, you deserve quality legal representation. Thankfully, our legal team knows how to investigate your case properly. Whether another boater, a manufacturer of a defective part, or any other party caused you harm, you deserve substantial compensation for your injuries and losses.

Let an experienced Wausau boat accident lawyer explain your options and help you file your claim. Schedule a consultation with our team today.

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