Any injury caused by an unexpected accident might result in financial hardship, long-term medical treatment, and emotional struggles. If an accident was caused by someone else’s careless behavior, you might be able to file a civil claim and collect financial compensation. Every case is unique and deserves the attention of an experienced attorney.

A Marshfield personal injury lawyer could help you get back on your feet after an accident by guiding you through the process of filing a claim.

What Kinds of Accidents Warrant Personal Injury Claims?

There are many different accidents and dangerous situations that might entitle a person to submit a personal injury claim. Common examples of accidents that might classify as personal injury cases include:

Any of these unfortunate occurrences could severely affect someone’s quality of life, but a compassionate attorney in Marshfield could help a client seek justice through a personal injury claim.

Forms of Financial Compensation in Personal Injury Claims

In injury cases, the plaintiff can only collect financial compensation if they can prove that the defendant clearly caused the accident. Doing this usually requires gathering evidence about what happened. A skilled legal representative could help an injured person accomplish this. After gathering evidence and proving that a defendant’s failure to exercise due care harmed the plaintiff, monetary damages become an option. Financial compensation in personal injury cases aims to repay a claimant for many different forms of suffering.

Repayment for Medical Bills

Reimbursement for past and future medical expenses are some of the most common and high-value monetary damages collected in personal injury claims. A wounded plaintiff could prove that they need these payments by using their post-accident hospital bills as evidence.

Reimbursement for Property Destruction

Many accidents result in personal property being either damaged or destroyed. Motor vehicle crashes are one of the most widespread examples. A badly damaged car can be incredibly expensive to repair, but monetary compensation collected through a personal injury claim could help a vehicle owner pay for the necessary fixes.

Monetary Damages for Loss of Consortium

When a person is injured, their spouse or other loved one could potentially lose the companionship and support that was previously offered. This is considered to be some of the non-economic effects of an accident, but personal injury claims still account for these factors.

Payment for Physical Pain or Emotional Suffering

Financial compensation in personal injury cases also aims to repay a plaintiff for the physical pain and emotional suffering that the defendant caused. A jury usually calculates how much to award a plaintiff for these traumas.

An experienced lawyer in Marshfield understands how to factor all of these aspects into a compelling claim and could help an injured plaintiff maximize their financial compensation.

How Does Comparative Negligence Affect Personal Injury Cases?

Unfortunately, the process of filing a personal injury claim can be complicated. It is common for the defendant’s lawyer or insurance provider to fight back against a claim. For example, when negotiating a settlement with a defendant’s insurance company, it is common for the guilty person to attempt to shift blame for the accident to the plaintiff. They might argue that the claimant was totally, mostly, or partially responsible for an accident. Defendants use this tactic to lessen the amount of money they have to pay the plaintiff.

When a plaintiff is partially responsible for an accident, they might collect less compensation than they normally would. A judge will work carefully to figure out how responsible a claimant might be.

How Fault Directly Relates to Monetary Damages

Wisconsin Statutes § 895.045 allows a plaintiff to recover financial compensation as long as they are less than 50 percent responsible for their injuries. The exact value of monetary damages that a claimant can earn is reduced by the percentage of fault that a court assigns them. If a jury concludes that the plaintiff is 25 percent at fault, the claimant’s damages will be reduced by that percent.

Fortunately, a hard-working attorney in Marshfield could fight against a defendant who argues that a plaintiff is partially responsible for their own injuries.

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