Placing a loved one in a nursing home can be a difficult decision to make. When choosing the right retirement home for a family member, spouses, children, and guardians should thoroughly research the available options and educate themselves about the rights of nursing community residents.

Sadly, nursing homes often fail to keep residents safe. In many cases, negligent behavior results from a failure to properly screen or train facility staff members. Because nursing homes must protect their residents under the law, failing to offer this protection makes them liable for any ensuing injuries or losses.

A Marshfield nursing home neglect lawyer can help injured residents and their families pursue claims for compensation after abuse. An experienced personal injury attorney can explain the duties of nursing homes and help hold a retirement community accountable for their misconduct.

What Rights do Nursing Home Residents Have in Marshfield?

According to Wisconsin Statute § 50.09, nursing homes and retirement facilities have a legal duty to keep their residents safe. Therefore, these institutions must work to provide a safe environment for their residents, taking actions like preventing hazards that might cause someone to slip or fall.

Similarly, assisted living facilities function as medical providers. This means that they have an obligation to provide proper nursing, rehabilitation, and hospice care to their residents. If a nursing home fails to fulfill this legal duty, they might be entirely responsible for a resident’s injuries or losses.

While many nursing facilities treat their residents with care and respect, some do not. If a retirement community breaches their duty of care and violates a resident’s rights, a skilled lawyer in Marshfield can help hold this nursing facility accountable for their negligent actions.

Why is Neglect so Prevalent in Nursing Homes?

Neglect can be prevalent in nursing homes because residents are often unable to care for themselves or express their needs. If they are not treated with exceptional care and attention, they might become sick or hurt.

A lack of well-trained employees might result in neglect or abuse. Although local nursing homes are legally required to screen their employees when hiring them, they often fail to do so, resulting in a high rate of abusive behavior. Neglect or abuse can take many forms, including leaving a patient unattended for an unreasonable period or leaving them in bed for so long that they develop bedsores.

In other situations, intentional mistreatment or abuse might harm a nursing home resident. For example, employees who use improper restraining techniques, yell at people under their care, or slap, punch, or push patients could be liable for their actions. Because many older residents are frail, even a single instance of neglect can cause broken bones, internal bleeding, or traumatic brain injuries.

Thankfully, a civil claim for compensation can demand payments for the costs of medical treatment and other expenses related to a retirement home injury. A seasoned attorney in Marshfield can help investigate the causes of unexplained injuries and demand proper compensation from nursing homes on a resident’s behalf.

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Every nursing home, retirement community, and hospice home has the same obligation under the law. These facilities must act carefully to protect their residents from accidental injuries or intentional abuse. Sadly, a failure to live up to these expectations is common, and the resulting injuries can have devastating effects on a patient’s life.

A Marshfield nursing home neglect lawyer can help residents and their family members pursue claims against facilities that fail to keep their patients safe. If you need help protecting the rights of a loved one, reach out to our team today to schedule a consultation.

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