Trucks, while important to local commerce, can be dangerous vehicles that could cause severe accidents. Therefore, given the size and weight of an eighteen-wheel truck, the drivers have a particularly important duty to navigate carefully and respect the rules of the road. Unfortunately, this does not always happen. In many cases, truckers drive while distracted and cause crashes that injure countless people.

As a knowledgeable personal injury attorney could explain, people injured in commercial vehicle accidents usually have options for holding a negligent trucker or company responsible for their suffering. If you were hit by a big rig and want to give yourself a fair chance at collecting financial compensation, a Marshfield truck accident lawyer could be the ally you need.

Typical Causes of Commercial Vehicle Accidents

Since trucks are so large and hard to drive, many different factors could quickly cause a frightening crash. Common examples of hazards that cause commercial vehicle collisions include but are not limited to:

  • Speeding trucks
  • Poorly loaded cargo
  • Negligent company training
  • Fatigued driving
  • Truckers forgetting to check their blind spots when changing lanes
  • An employee using their phone in their truck’s cab
  • Driving under the influence of alcohol

Determining the combination of factors that caused a truck accident is a vital part of filing a civil claim, and an experienced attorney in Marshfield could take the lead with investigating the wreck.

Who Might be Responsible for a Truck Accident?

Just like with other kinds of motor vehicle accident claims, a professional truck driver can usually be held directly responsible for a crash if the plaintiff can prove that the operator was acting carelessly or not following the rules of the road. However, sometimes targeting an individual truck driver is not the best strategy for a case. Since collisions between commercial trucks and commuter cars tend to cause serious injuries for people inside the smaller vehicles, an individual truck driver might not have enough money to fully compensate a plaintiff.

Because of this, it is usually better to target a commercial vehicle corporation. Holding a big company accountable for their employee’s negligence typically allows a claimant to collect more monetary damages without making the legal process more difficult. For example, an injured driver could argue, in their claim, that the accident was caused by a trucking company forcing its drivers to stay on the road for an unsafe period of time.

Third Party Responsibility

Meanwhile, in other situations, a negligent third party might need to assume responsibility for a commercial vehicle accident. For instance, a mechanic failing to ensure a truck was in proper working order or a supplier forgetting to secure cargo before transit would serve as examples of third-party recklessness.

A hardworking lawyer in Marshfield could help someone injured in a truck accident simplify the claims process by determining exactly who needs to assume responsibility.

Does Comparative Fault Impact Monetary Damages?

One legal aspect that makes collecting financial compensation after a truck accident more difficult is the concept of comparative fault, which refers to the idea that an injured plaintiff might also have contributed to the crash. Thankfully, Wisconsin Statutes §895.045 outline that a claimant can still be awarded monetary damages if they are less than 51 percent responsible for a truck collision. In these scenarios, the amount of financial compensation that an injured plaintiff collects directly corresponds with their level of blame in the accident.

Understanding comparative fault and legal negligence can be incredibly confusing, but a knowledgeable attorney in Marshfield could analyze the circumstances surrounding a truck accident to conclude whether a plaintiff’s compensation would be at risk.

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