Cycling is an excellent form of transportation for many reasons. For example, there are numerous health, environmental, and financial benefits to riding a bike.

However, there are also some serious risks and hazards associated with cycling. For instance, cars are a constant danger to bikes. While it is true that drivers must exercise due care and share the roads with cyclists, many crashes still happen. If a reckless driver crashed into you while you were riding your bike, an experienced personal injury attorney could help protect your rights. A Wausau bicycle accident lawyer could investigate the crash, demonstrate that the driver is to blame, and help you collect financial compensation for your injuries.

Common Bicycle Accident Causes

Unfortunately, collisions between cars and bicycles happen regularly. In most cases, a driver’s negligence causes an accident. Some of the most common causes of cars crashing into bikes include:

  • Distracted driving
  • Drivers swinging their door open without checking for an oncoming cyclist
  • Motorists overtaking a biker without leaving them enough room
  • Drivers rear-ending a cyclist
  • Motorists making a left turn without looking and hitting a bicyclist

Any of these situations could leave a bike rider with serious injuries or expensive property damage. Thankfully, a skilled attorney in Wausau could investigate the cause of a bicycle accident to help a plaintiff determine the best next steps.

What Rights do Bicyclists Have?

Wisconsin Legislature Chapter 346 grants every cyclist on a roadway or the shoulder of a highway the same rights and responsibilities as the driver of a standard car. Important examples of protections that drivers owe bicyclists include:

The Three-Foot Law

This law requires drivers to leave a cyclist at least three feet of space when passing or overtaking. If the motorist cannot safely leave this distance, they must wait for another opportunity to pass the biker. If a car tries to pass or overtake without creating a three-foot space and causes an accident, the driver might face legal consequences.

The State Dooring Law

This law establishes that any driver must be extra careful when opening their vehicle door on a road or highway. They must check to make sure that no bicycles are approaching. Injuring a cyclist by forgetting to check the space and hitting them with a door could subject a driver to severe consequences.

The Right of Way in a Crosswalk

Finally, state laws establish that drivers must yield to bicycles that are riding across a road at a crosswalk. Cyclists have the right of way in state-marked or unmarked intersections.

Any cyclist who gets hurt by a driver who did not follow state laws can usually benefit from seeking the help of a legal representative. A hardworking lawyer in Wausau could collect evidence to demonstrate that a driver caused a bicycle accident by breaking state or local laws.

Available Compensation in Bicycle Accident Cases

Monetary damages that judges award after cycling collisions are usually substantial. Financial compensation can repay an injured bike rider for many different losses, including:

  • Medical expenses
  • Property damage
  • Lost time at work
  • Reduced earning capacity
  • Physical pain or emotional suffering
  • Reduced enjoyment of daily life
  • Rehabilitation or therapy appointments

A dedicated attorney in Wausau could assess an injured bicyclist’s losses to figure out the full amount of financial compensation the rider deserves.

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Collisions between bikes and cars can, unfortunately, result in catastrophic injuries. If you were struck by a negligent driver, you could face a lifetime of pain, suffering, financial losses, and disabilities.

Thankfully, you usually have the option of holding the reckless driver accountable for their behavior. This is best handled with the help of a Wausau bicycle accident lawyer. An attorney from our firm could explain your options, answer any questions, and fight to protect your rights as a cyclist. Call our office today to speak with a team member.

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