If you were involved in a sudden accident, you are likely feeling confused about what to do next. Thankfully, personal injury representation can help injured people get back on track. Determining what caused the accident and who was is responsible is an essential part of these cases. Regardless of whether you were injured by a car accident, a defective product, or some other negligent behavior, you might be entitled to substantial compensation.

A Minocqua personal injury lawyer could be the ally you need. A skilled attorney could assess what happened, explain your options, and answer any remaining questions.

What is a Personal Injury Claim?

When a person is harmed in an accident, they are likely able to turn their suffering into a personal injury case. In these legal procedures, the “plaintiff” is the one seeking financial compensation and the “defendant” is the person who might need to take responsibility for the accident. Multiple defendants could even be to blame, depending on the situation.

A successful personal injury case generally requires proving that the defendant was negligent. A defendant might cause an accident when they fail to “exercise due care.”  For example, if the guilty party caused a collision by driving their vehicle while distracted, they might need to assume responsibility for the crash. A skilled attorney in Minocqua could further explain the basics of personal injury cases and help prove that a defendant’s reckless behavior caused an accident.

Available Monetary Damages in Personal Injury Claims

After successfully proving that a defendant’s negligent behavior caused an accident, the plaintiff must also demonstrate that they suffered documentable injuries and expenses. To do this, they can gather evidence like medical bills, accident reports, property damage assessments, and witness testimony. After they present this evidence, they can likely move on to collect financial compensation.

Common monetary damages awarded in personal injury cases include reimbursement for:

  • Property damage
  • Past and future medical expenses
  • Rehabilitation costs
  • Lost income and reduced earning capacity
  • Physical pain and emotional suffering
  • Wrongful death

A hardworking lawyer in Minocqua could assess an injured plaintiff’s case to determine how much financial compensation they deserve.

Do Personal Injury Claims have Time Limits?

Wisconsin Statutes § 893.54 state that a hurt plaintiff must file their personal injury claim within three years of an accident, beginning on the day when the accident occurred. A court will likely dismiss any case that does not respect this time limit, ending a plaintiff’s opportunity to collect financial compensation.

In some cases, exceptions can shorten this time frame. However, certain exceptions might also extend this time limit. For instance, a plaintiff could receive more time to file their claim if they are:

  • An injured minor
  • Mentally disabled
  • Filing against a defendant who ran away from the jurisdiction to avoid responsibility

These situations are rare, but a knowledgeable attorney in Minocqua could help an injured plaintiff determine whether they are eligible for an extension of the statute of limitations. An injured person should also contact a lawyer immediately after an accident, to give themselves more time to file a claim.

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Every personal injury claim deserves the attention of a seasoned attorney. A Minocqua personal injury lawyer could help you seek justice and protect your rights. These cases can be hard to handle without legal representation, so do not hesitate to contact us. Call our office to schedule a free consultation and learn more about your options.

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