Slipping and falling on a hard surface can be incredibly dangerous, regardless of your age or where the accident occurred. If this happens unexpectedly, you might need to go to the hospital, pay expensive bills, and attend physical rehabilitation sessions. The cost of all this can add up quickly and overwhelm you, especially if you are in a lot of pain.

Thankfully, if the fall was caused by another person’s negligence, they will likely need to assume responsibility for your injuries and setbacks. A financial award collected through a civil claim could repay you for your lost income, pain and suffering, and emotional trauma. You strengthen your case when you work with a skilled personal injury attorney, so do not hesitate to reach out to a Minocqua slip and fall lawyer today.

Where Do Slip and Fall Injuries Frequently Occur?

Generally speaking, a slip and fall could happen anywhere. There are, however, certain places where these accidents occur more often. For instance, a person’s private property or business could feature hazards that cause innocent people to slip, trip, or fall. Specific examples of locations that feature a high number of slip and fall accidents include

  • Private homes
  • Gyms and pools
  • Shopping malls
  • Grocery stores and markets
  • Pathways and sidewalks
  • Restaurants
  • Public plazas or parks
  • Hotels or motels

However, these are not the only locations where an innocent plaintiff might trip, fall, or trip. Any space that was not properly maintained could be the scene of an unfortunate accident, as a seasoned attorney in Minocqua could explain.

Does Comparative Negligence Impact Slip and Fall Claims?

In many cases, a negligent business or property owner might be entirely responsible for a slip and fall accident, since they created an unsafe environment for people who were entitled to visit. However, many of these property owners might attempt to argue that the accident was really the injured person’s fault, blaming them for some or all of what happened.

When this happens, laws outlined in Wisconsin Statute Section 895.045 might apply to someone’s slip and fall case. This statute explains that if an injured plaintiff is 50 percent or less responsible for the accident, they can still collect financial compensation. These damages would be reduced, if necessary, directly corresponding with how much the claimant is to blame. Meanwhile, if the injured person is more than 50 perfect responsible for the slip and fall, they will likely not be able to recover any repayments.

Understanding this concept is important because many defendants use this strategy to limit their liability. Fortunately, a hardworking lawyer in Minocqua understands how to fight against these tactics and could work to maintain a slip and fall claimant’s legal options.

Financial Compensation in a Successful Slip and Fall Case

After demonstrating that they were not responsible for the accident, a slip and fall plaintiff can usually begin the process of submitting their claim and collecting monetary damages. This compensation aims to repay the individual for all the losses they suffered, including for economic and non-economic setbacks. Common examples of financial compensation seen in slip and fall claims include reimbursements for:

  • Physical pain
  • Emotional suffering
  • Loss of income or reduced earning capacity
  • Past and future medical bills
  • Damage to personal property
  • The cost of rehabilitation treatment

Collecting these monetary damages is one of the most crucial parts of filing a civil claim, since these payments usually provide a person with the resources that they need to get their life back on track. A dedicated slip and fall attorney in Minocqua could offer personalized assistance with maximizing these monetary damages.

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If you slipped, fell, and got hurt because someone else failed to keep a business, property, or public space safe, you deserve one of our legal representatives to represent your many rights. Thankfully, a Minocqua slip and fall lawyer could investigate the cause of the accident, compile evidence of a defendant’s carelessness, and help you fight back against any frustrating defense tactics.

Proceeding alone can be tempting, but you could get the best results when you work with one of our team members. Contact our office today to get started on your case.

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