There are countless large commercial trucks on local roads at any given moment. These vehicles help keep our economy moving forward, but their operation is not without risk. For instance, sometimes a negligent truck driver or commercial vehicle company causes a crash through reckless or careless behavior.

Unfortunately, since trucks are so large and heavy, the injuries associated with these accidents are usually severe. If you were driving and were hit by a big rig or commercial vehicle, you should consider taking your case to one of our dedicated injury attorneys. An Antigo truck accident lawyer could assess the crash scene, negotiate with a commercial vehicle company, and help solve any issues that arise during the process of filing a civil claim for compensation.

What Usually Causes Truck Accidents in Antigo?

Truck crashes could occur for many different reasons, but there are some patterns associated with these cases. For instance, some of the most typical factors that lead to a big rig crash include:

Driver Fatigue

Unfortunately, overly fatigued commercial vehicle drivers can be one of the largest contributors. For example, a big rig company might put unnecessary pressure for their driver to spend extra time on the road, beyond reasonable hours. This leads to employees that are tired, fatigued, distracted, and struggling to keep their attention on the road. If a manipulative commercial vehicle company decides to ignore established regulations and make their drivers work a long schedule, crashes might occur.

Speeding and Reckless Driving

An unexpected accident could also happen when a trucker drives recklessly or exceeds the established speed limit. Tailgating, making erratic lane changes, forgetting to check blind spots, or speeding can be especially dangerous since big rigs are hard to turn and stop. Never underestimate the impact that a speeding or reckless truck could have on a highway or busy road.

Navigating with Distractions

Meanwhile, a trucker operating their vehicle while texting, eating, or talking on the phone could be incredibly dangerous for an innocent motorist. There are many regulations in place to prevent this behavior, but big rig drivers do not always follow the rules.

Negligently Loaded Cargo

Finally, if a big rig company or an individual truck driver fails to properly load cargo into the trailer of a vehicle, an accident could happen at any moment. When a truck is moving at high speeds, cargo could shift and the trailer could flip, resulting in a crash that involves multiple vehicles,

After a truck accident, it is key for a claimant to work with a seasoned Antigo attorney to determine the exact cause. Doing so greatly maximizes the chances of collecting financial compensation.

Proving that a Truck Driver is To Blame

In most commercial vehicle accident cases, tying a trucker’s negligent conduct directly to the cause of the crash is essential. According to Wisconsin Jury Instruction 1005, if the defendant did not drive their vehicle using an “ordinary duty of care,” a court should be able to make them pay damages to the injured plaintiff. This duty of care refers to when a trucker fails to do what other, similarly trained drivers would have done in the situation.

Establishing this can be challenging, but a dedicated truck accident attorney in Antigo could collect evidence about the crash, speak with witnesses, and examine any black box data from the vehicle’s cabin to prove that the driver of the big rig is to blame.

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Collisions between trucks and passenger cars can cause extensive losses. If you suffered a life-changing injury because of a careless trucker or freight company, you are likely able to hold them accountable and collect compensation for your setbacks. The attorneys and insurance companies representing these parties will likely fight to minimize your settlement, but an Antigo truck accident lawyer is here to protect your legal rights. Contact our team today to get started on your unique case.

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