When you visit another person’s property or space, you expect it to be safe and well maintained. You do not want to worry about unexpected hazards that cause you to slip or fall. However, if you do become involved in one of these accidents, it is crucial to remember that you are likely able to file a civil claim for monetary damages. As a knowledgeable personal injury attorney could explain, property owners, store managers, or anyone else responsible for keeping the space safe could face blame if they fail to uphold their end of the bargain.

You should not have to handle your hospital bills and other losses without the financial resources you need. Therefore, you should take your case to a dedicated Antigo slip and fall lawyer.

Common Injuries in Slip and Fall Claims

While it is true that some slip and fall cases might only leave a plaintiff with a few cuts or bruises, others are more severe. Any fall, regardless of how serious it might initially seem, could have unexpected consequences or long-lasting side effects. Common injuries seen in a slip and fall claim include but are not limited to:

  • Sprains or broken bones
  • Lasting hip damage
  • Traumatic brain injuries
  • Spinal cord damage
  • Shoulder or neck injuries
  • Emotional trauma or humiliation

Any of these examples could require extended treatment, future physical therapy, expensive surgeries, or counselling sessions, especially for elderly plaintiffs. Therefore, anyone hurt in a slip and fall accident should work with a skilled Antigo attorney – someone who could represent the full extent of these injuries through a civil claim.

Classification of Visitors in Slip and Fall Cases

Along with demonstrating real injuries, another important aspect of filing a slip and fall claim is determining one’s legal status at the time of a visit. The legal status is crucial because it establishes the level of protection that a defendant owes their guest. There are three categories that a claimant can belong in when visiting a property: invitee, licensee, and trespasser.


An invitee is someone who was given consent to arrive at a property, either expressed or implied. For example, a customer at a shopping mall, grocery store, or other public business would be considered an invitee. These individuals are owed a great duty of care, which means that a property owner has to actively work to fix hazards that might cause a slip and fall.


Meanwhile, a licensee is someone who visits a property for social reasons, such as going to a party. Anyone considered a licensee is not owed the same heightened level of protection. Property owners need to avoid slip and fall accidents by warning licenses of known dangers, but regular inspections are not necessary.


Finally, trespassers are people who enter a property without permission – the owner of the space rarely owes these individuals any protection. This means that if a trespasser slips and falls, they will most likely not be able to file any sort of civil claim.

After someone trips, slips, or falls on a dangerous property, a seasoned Antigo lawyer could strengthen their case by demonstrating that they were visiting the space as either a licensee or invitee. Establishing this aspect in a claim could result in substantial financial compensation, helping an injured plaintiff recover from their injuries and return to their normal life.

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An unexpected fall, regardless of where it happens, can have many negative consequences in your life. Tripping or slipping on something dangerous in a store or public space could put you in the hospital, leave you with expensive bills, and force you to miss time at work.

Fortunately, when a property owner’s careless actions cause you to get hurt, you could work with our team to hold them accountable. While your case might require presenting the right evidence and demonstrating your legal status at the time of your visit, you could collect monetary damages when you overcome these challenges. To get started on protecting your rights, reach out to an Antigo slip and fall lawyer today.

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