Medford Man and Athens Woman Injured In Accident

A Medford man and an Athens woman were released from Ministry Good Samaritan Hospital in Merrill on Monday after a two-car crash in the town of Corning. A vehicle driven by Sara Faber, of Athens, collided with a vehicle driven by William Byrd, of Medford, as he was turning onto Highway Z off Highway 64/107.

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Car accidents such as the above that result in injuries eventually involve insurance claims.  Even when fault seems to be clear and even if the injuries do not seem to be severe at first, it is still important for anyone injured in an accident to seek the advice of a personal injury lawyer right away.  At Bremer & Trollop Law Offices, your call and your meeting with one of our attorneys is free.

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If you are recovering from an injury, you need to focus on regaining your health. You should not have to negotiate with stubborn insurance companies or compromise with a defendant.

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