Two Killed In Elderon Accident

Nichole Merckes, of Bowler, and Lillian Long Tail, of Eland, died in a crash with a semi-truck Thursday at the intersection of state Highway 49 and Elm Road. It has been reported Ms. Merckes failed to stop at a stop a sign and investigators are trying to determine whether she tried to stop and couldn’t because of speed and slippery conditions. Neither woman was wearing a seat belt.

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Unfortunate accidents such as the one described above present some common questions we are often asked. One question is whether an injured person (or family of a deceased person) must “sue” their driver, who might be a friend or family member. The answer to that question is “no” because the claim can be brought directly against the automobile insurance carrier for the driver, without making any claim against the driver personally. Another question involves the failure to use a safety belt and how that impacts a claim. In Wisconsin, a person bringing an injury or wrongful death claim involving the lack of a safety belt does not face a possible total dismissal of their case. Instead, if the liability insurance company can prove the lack of a safety belt caused the person’s damages, the damages are reduced by a maximum of 15%. Questions such as these and many others are why you should immediately contact a plaintiffs’ personal injury attorney if your family member was the victim of a wrongful death accident. Call Bremer & Trollop Law Offices for a free consultation.

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