Burns can happen in many different situations and can cause several types of injuries. Although direct exposure to a flame or heat is often the cause of burns, harsh chemicals, friction, and radiation can also result in these injuries.

Regardless of the cause of the accident, anyone who is responsible for hurting another person must usually offer financial compensation for physical damage, emotional trauma, and lost wages. Filing a catastrophic injury claim following a burn can help someone obtain this compensation.

A Marshfield burn injury lawyer can help injured plaintiffs collect compensation by figuring out who is to blame, collecting compelling evidence, and filing a claim according to state law.

The Degrees of Burn Injuries

While most people associate burns with fire, any heat source can cause these injuries. For example, motorcycle riders who slide on the pavement after collisions can suffer burns due to friction.

Burns can also result from exposure to harsh substances. For example, caustic chemicals can burn a person’s skin and cause severe injuries that require extensive rehabilitation. Likewise, exposure to radiation due to a doctor’s negligence could cause significant burn injuries.

The Mayo Clinic groups burn injuries into one of three categories. The least severe are first-degree burns that affect the top layer of skin. Treatment for these burns typically involves topical creams and bandages.

Second-degree burns are more severe. These injuries affect the underlying levels of tissue and nerves. Victims of these burns sometimes require skin grafts and antibiotics.

Finally, the most severe burns are third-degree. These injuries can impact the body internally and may even char a person’s bones. In these cases, medical treatment might even involve amputation. A dedicated attorney in Marshfield could help a plaintiff categorize their burn when filing their injury claim.

Proving Fault for a Burn

Unfortunately, plaintiffs can only collect compensation after a burn injury if they can prove that a defendant was responsible for the damage. Because most burns are the product of accidents, plaintiffs must build cases on the concept of negligence. Defendants are negligent if they have a duty to protect others and fail to do so. Common examples of situations or reckless behavior that lead to burn injuries include:

A defendant may be responsible for a burn injury if a car catches fire following a crash. Similarly, product manufacturers may be liable if their product fails and exposes a customer to harsh chemicals.

In any civil claim, plaintiffs must be aware of the state’s rules concerning modified comparative negligence. According to Wisconsin Statute § 895.045, courts must evaluate the actions of all parties to an incident and assign blame accordingly.

For example, a defendant could argue that a victim’s carelessness caused their burns. Defenses that argue this usually attempt to limit a defendant’s responsibility and blame an injured plaintiff for an accident. However, an experienced lawyer in Marshfield can build a solid burn injury claim against a reckless defendant while protecting a plaintiff from allegations of shared negligence.

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Anyone who endures a burn injury due to the actions of another party deserves fair compensation for their losses, including payments for all medical care, lost wages, and pain and suffering. Unfortunately, these losses are often substantial in the case of burn injuries.

A Marshfield burn injury lawyer can help you fight for your rights. Our team can take care of the details by researching the law and collecting essential evidence on your behalf. Contact a legal representative today to discuss your case.

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