Drunk driving accidents are among the most severe kinds of car crashes. They can often leave a person with traumatic injuries and lifelong physical or emotional pain. Knowing that an irresponsible driver caused your accident can be frustrating, but a seasoned lawyer could fight for the compensation you deserve.

Call our vehicle crash attorneys at Bremer and Trollop today if someone’s negligence caused a drunk driving car accident in Wausau. They can help guide you through the civil claims process and push for a favorable case outcome.

What Usually Causes Drunk Driving Accidents?

Typically, intoxicated driving crashes occur when people consume enough alcohol to impair their driving and put them over a legal BAC. These collisions usually happen late at night when people are leaving bars. Common situations that lead to drunk driving wrecks include:

  • Excessive speeding
  • Crossing the center line
  • Failing to stop at an intersection

When a driver’s judgment is clouded by alcohol, it can be difficult for them to make sound decisions behind the wheel. A skilled attorney could help a claimant in Wausau determine what caused an intoxicated driving collision and hold the negligent party accountable.

Liability in Drunk Driving Accidents

Determining liability in a drunk driving crash is usually straightforward. However, an injured party can be partially responsible in some cases. The state’s comparative negligence laws might apply in these situations, as a knowledgeable team member could explain.

While law enforcement may press criminal charges against an intoxicated driver, civil claims are a separate legal proceeding. If an injured person wishes to file criminal charges, they would do so with a district attorney’s office. However, a personal injury attorney could help ensure that everything goes smoothly with the civil claim process. An experienced lawyer in Wausau could assess any relevant evidence and work to prove that a plaintiff was not responsible for the drunk driving crash.

The Benefit of Retaining Legal Representation

Often, insurance companies and defense counsel might try to get an injured driver to admit fault, but an aggressive lawyer could help ensure that a claimant does not have to fight against drunk driving alone.

Likewise, there might be relevant evidence or information, including 911 calls, video surveillance, and witness statements that could help a claimant prove the cause of a drunk-driving crash. An experienced attorney could assist with organizing this evidence and negotiating with insurance companies, if necessary.

Recovering Damages After a Drunk Driving Crash

Like other automobile collision cases, drunk driving claims usually involve damages like repayment for medical bills, pain and suffering, lost income, and long-term disability. In many cases, impaired driving cases can involve punitive damages for loss of enjoyment of life.

These accidents can be catastrophic and affect a person’s ability to provide for their family. However, with the help of a tenacious Wausau lawyer, a claimant injured in a drunk driving crash could collect the compensation they need to pay their medical bills and recover fully.

Call an Attorney After a Drunk Driving Car Accident in Wausau

Being involved in a drunk driving crash is often a traumatic experience. The physical and emotional effects of the accidents are catastrophic, but a dedicated attorney could help.

If a drunk driving accident in Wausau affected your life, you could recover financial compensation for your injuries and losses. Call our team of seasoned lawyers at Bremer and Trollop today to find out how we can help.

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