Rollover car crashes, which happen when a vehicle loses traction and flips over, are common in Wausau. The likelihood of these wrecks increases during the winter, when conditions are more dangerous. Since these accidents involve a car completely flipping, both severe injuries and expensive vehicle damage are typical. Sometimes a plaintiff’s own distracted driving causes a rollover crash. However, in many cases, the negligent driving of a defendant results in a flipped car.

If you were involved in a rollover car accident in Wausau, you might be struggling to fully recover. Bills might pile up and you are likely feeling lost. Thankfully, a dedicated vehicle collision lawyer could investigate the wreck, offer guidance, and help you prevent similar incidents in the future.

Causes and Consequences of Rollover Accidents

A few different factors typically cause cars to roll over. In many situations, a driver might go around a curve too quickly or lose traction on an icy road. In other cases, a driver might collide with another car at high speed and cause one of the vehicles to flip. Sometimes, driving drunk or texting behind the wheel could result in a flipped car.

The consequences of a rollover crash are often more serious than a normal car accident, especially if a driver or passenger was not wearing their seatbelt. For instance, flipping a car could result in:

  • Cuts and bruises
  • Broken bones
  • Traumatic brain injuries
  • Spinal cord damage
  • Amputations
  • Paralysis
  • Wrongful death

These injuries are frightening, but a knowledgeable attorney in Wausau could further explain the common causes of rollover car accidents to help drivers stay careful.

Preventing Rollover Crashes

Fortunately, rollover car wrecks are often preventable. There are a few different things that drivers in Wausau could do to stay safe. The simplest advice is to reduce speed on corners, especially blind ones. Additionally, drivers should be sure to drive with extra caution during the winter, when snow, ice, and sleet might cause hazards. Further pointers include avoiding distractions behind the wheel, trying not to swerve unnecessarily, and never driving after drinking alcohol.

Unfortunately, there are some situations where preventing a rollover crash is not possible. For example, another car crossing the center line and passing into a lane with oncoming traffic could result in either a head-on wreck or a rollover accident. Meanwhile, sliding on black ice at high speeds could also cause an unexpected flip. If a driver is hurt in an unpreventable rollover car accident, a hardworking lawyer in Wausau could help them file a claim and pursue compensation for their suffering.

How to Document the Crash Scene with an Attorney’s Help

It can be difficult to decide what to do immediately after a rollover wreck, but there are some actions that an attorney would certainly advise. First, it is absolutely crucial to call 911 and seek medical attention, regardless of how minor or severe injuries might appear. Afterward, it is important for anyone injured in a crash to call and speak with an attorney.

Investigating the scene of the rollover collision before evidence disappears is key, and this is where a skilled lawyer could help. A legal representative could analyze the scene, take photos of any relevant evidence, and speak with witnesses to get a clear picture of what happened. Afterward, they could begin helping with the claims process –negotiating with insurance companies to maximize their client’s chances of collecting monetary damages. Recovering from a rollover car accident can be hard without the assistance of a dedicated attorney in Wausau, so anyone in need of help should reach out.

Call an Attorney about Rollover Car Accidents in Wausau

Since flipping a car usually happens at high speeds on a dangerous road, injuries associated with rollover car accidents in Wausau are usually serious. Any victim could face years of rehabilitation or need to pay expensive hospital bills. Fortunately, an experienced lawyer could help an injured plaintiff recover. A team member from Bremer and Trollop Law Offices, S.C. could investigate what happened, analyze your insurance coverage, and help protect your rights. Contact the office today to get started on your claim.

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If you are recovering from an injury, you need to focus on regaining your health. You should not have to negotiate with stubborn insurance companies or compromise with a defendant.

A Wausau personal injury lawyer could lessen the stress and complications associated with collecting compensation, allowing you to recover fully. Call today to learn more about your options.

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