Suffering a paralysis injury is devastating to everyday functions. After an accident, you may lose the ability to walk, move around, or even take care of yourself. The job and activities you did before may be impossible due to another person’s negligence. If you find yourself severely impaired or paralyzed, the careless individual should be accountable for the costs of your bills, lost income, suffering, and much more.

A dedicated Wausau paralysis injury lawyer is prepared to examine your case and determine the cause of your accident. You might be owed financial compensation because of your paralysis injuries. Let our seasoned catastrophic injury attorneys fight for your rights and protect your future.

Common Causes of Paralysis Injuries

Paralysis is a catastrophic injury that is usually caused by serious accidents. Common examples of situations that lead to paralysis include but are not limited to:

Determining the exact cause of a paralysis injury and proving who is to blame helps an injured plaintiff collect the compensation they need to best recover. A skilled attorney in Wausau can collect evidence, speak with witnesses, and investigate a paralysis injury claim to the best of their ability.

Types of Paralysis Injuries

Several varieties and severities of paralysis injuries may occur following a sudden accident. Each is serious, even if it affects only a small portion of the body. Understanding the different types of paralysis is an important part of filing a claim for monetary damages.

Paralysis in a Localized Area

Some instances of paralysis are limited to a particular part of the body. For instance, a claimant may lose sensation in a small part of the face, a single limb, or even in a single appendage. While smaller than other immobilization injuries, these examples still deserve medical attention and legal representation.


Paraplegia affects most or all the areas below the waist. This form of paralysis can prevent someone from walking, controlling their bowels, or performing sexually.


Finally, quadriplegia results in a loss of feeling and control below the neck. It completely alters a person’s life. Someone with this kind of paralysis can no longer care for themselves and might even need help breathing.

A seasoned and experienced lawyer in Wausau can examine medical records and fight to communicate the severity of any paralysis injury, regardless of the classification.

Time Limits for Paralysis Cases

Wisconsin Statutes § 893.54 imposes a three-year deadline to file a civil claim, including after a paralysis injury. An individual must file within this time, or a trial judge could dismiss their case.

Some exceptions can shorten or extend this time limit. A dedicated Wausau lawyer could explain these unique circumstances and determine exactly how long a paralyzed claimant has to file their civil claim. A plaintiff may avoid problems by contacting a determined paralysis injury lawyer in Wausau quickly after an accident.

Let a Wausau Paralysis Injury Attorney Help You

Paralysis injuries will change your life forever. If you were impaired or paralyzed after another person acted negligently, you deserve to have someone fighting for justice. After accidents like these, you are likely dealing with lost income, expensive medical bills, and significant emotional trauma. Thankfully, you don’t have to handle all this alone.

An experienced Wausau paralysis injury lawyer is here to represent you. Contact us today to learn about your options.

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