In general, riding a motorcycle is more dangerous than driving a standard car. While these vehicles offer a sense of speed and freedom, their exposed nature could make a crash more devastating. No seatbelt or protection from an impact means that a motorcycle rider could be gravely injured if they get hit by a negligent driver.

There are many different injuries associated with motorcycle accidents in Wausau and understanding the risks of riding these vehicles could help you stay safe on the road. Thankfully, if someone else’s reckless behavior caused a wreck, you can likely collect financial compensation for your suffering. Our skilled motorcycle crash lawyers could assess your case and communicate the full extent of your injuries in court.

What Are Some of the Most Common Injuries in Motorcycle Accidents?

Generally speaking, leg injuries are one of the most common ways that people get hurt. For example, a rider could fracture their leg in an impact or be left with severe road rash when they fall off their vehicle. In other cases, foot injuries are typical. A motorcyclist might hit one foot or both feet on an oncoming vehicle or get hurt when colliding into another object.

Additionally, shoulder or arm injuries happen regularly. If a motorcyclist is thrown off their bike by an oncoming car or truck and they land on their shoulders, they might suffer a severe fracture or dislocation.

Any of these injuries are painful and deserve immediate medical treatment. An intelligent attorney in Wausau, thankfully, could fight to factor these injuries into a compelling motorcycle accident claim.

Head and Back Injuries are More Severe

Even when wearing a helmet and other safety equipment, a motorcyclist could still injure their head, back or brain in a crash. Traumatic head injuries occur when the brain hits the side of the skull in an impact. This might result in internal bruising, swelling, bleeding, or intense pain. A motorcyclist might need surgery or years of further treatment to reduce this swelling. These injuries are some of the most severe since they usually impact a person’s functioning and require an extended recovery period. For instance, brain trauma might affect someone’s ability to work, communicate, socialize, or raise children. Some people might not be able to talk after suffering damage to the head.

Meanwhile, serious back injuries can also happen during an unexpected accident. For example, a motorcycle rider might fracture a vertebra in their mid-back, requiring them to wear a brace. Even when their back heals, they might be left with pain, disability, and weakness. A motorcyclist might not be able to lift heavy objects, sit comfortably at a desk, or get deep sleep. Fracture injuries can affect nearly every aspect of a motorcycle rider’s life, and a Wausau lawyer could use this information to strengthen their client’s accident claim.

Communicating the Extent of Injuries in Court

After establishing that a defendant’s negligent conduct caused a motorcycle accident, a crucial part of the case process involves demonstrating the concrete impact that the resulting injuries had on a plaintiff’s life. The more severe the injuries, the greater the losses and potential compensation.

For instance, if a motorcyclist suffers brain trauma on the road, they might not be able to work, pay their bills, or enjoy the same quality of life. A legal representative understands the impact of these losses and could make sure a judge understands how serious the injuries are. An attorney in Wausau would look at all the relevant information including the amount of lost wages, the extent of medical bills, whether the person is permanently impaired, and other aspects to pinpoint the compensation that an injured motorcyclist deserves.

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If you were hurt in a sudden motorcycle crash, you deserve someone who understands your situation and could fight to maximize the impact of your case. You should not have to suffer physically and emotionally for years due to another driver’s negligent conduct.

Thankfully, our lawyers could help you pursue compensation that facilitates a recovery from any kind of injury, whether it be brain damage, deep fractures, or back trauma. There are many different injuries associated with motorcycle accidents in Wausau, and our firm is here to assess your situation. Contact us online today to schedule your initial consultation.

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