Mopeds, Vespas, and motor scooters are exciting vehicles that help us get around town quickly. However, it is important to remember that riding one of these vehicles can be dangerous. These forms of transportation also have their own separate regulations – following these guidelines could help prevent crashes or protect your safety.

Thankfully, if you were involved in a Vespa or motor scooter accident in Wausau and you were riding safely, you most likely have options for seeking financial compensation. A skilled motorcycle crash lawyer could assess your case, outline your options, and explain what makes these wrecks unique.

Does the State Have Moped Laws?

There are some state laws that define what is and what is not a motor scooter. To begin, a moped or Vespa cannot be considered one of these vehicles if its top speed is more than 30 miles per hour or if it has more than two wheels.

When it comes to licensing and insurance, both are required. A moped operator needs to have a class D driver’s license and take a basic safety course before they can use their vehicle. A Vespa rider also needs to have basic liability insurance and carry proof of this coverage with them. If a moped rider gets pulled over without proof of their policy, they might need to pay $10. If they do not have insurance to begin with, they will likely need to pay $500. This means that buying an insurance plan is a crucial part of riding a moped.

A knowledgeable attorney in Wausau could help someone verify their insurance policy or figure out whether they were following the state’s motor scooter laws at the time of an unexpected accident.

Injuries Associated with Moped Accidents

Since Vespas, mopeds, or motor scooters are limited to roads with a speed limit of less than 30 miles per hour, the causes of injuries usually look a little different. However, even though a typical moped collision occurs at a lower speed than an average car wreck, these accidents are not any less severe.

When a Vespa rider crashes, they might be thrown off the vehicle, break their arms or collarbone, or suffer back damage. If someone was not wearing a helmet while riding, they might experience a brain or head injury like a concussion. Depending on the kind of vehicle that the moped hit, the damage might be substantial.

Documenting these losses and injuries is a crucial part of a Vespa or motor scooter accident case, and a skilled lawyer in Wausau could help someone communicate the full extent of their suffering.

What Makes Vespa or Motor Scooter Cases Different?

One crucial factor that can make these cases more challenging is that many people do not exercise due care when riding on a moped or Vespa. Instead, they might treat the vehicle like a bicycle, ignoring the rules of the road, riding on the sidewalk, or weaving through traffic.

Meanwhile, passenger car drivers might engage in the same behavior. Someone in a car might not treat a moped rider with the respect they deserve, instead following too closely or trying to overtake the vehicle in a dangerous way. Both of these aspects combine to make a Vespa or moped accident case challenging to prove. The true cause of a crash might be unclear.

Regardless, a dedicated attorney in Wausau could give each case the attention it deserves, fighting to demonstrate that an injured Vespa or motor scooter rider should not have to assume any liability.

Retain an Attorney for Help with Vespa or Motor Scooter Accidents in Wausau

If you ride a moped and were hurt in an unexpected accident, you need to remember that you can take your case to a legal representative. If you were following all the rules of the road, you could collect monetary damages by proving that the other driver’s negligence caused the crash.

It might be challenging to do this alone, but one of our legal team members could offer guidance with Vespa or motor scooter accidents in Wausau. Call the office today to schedule a personalized consultation.

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