In general, motorcyclists are entitled to the same protections that standard cars receive. They deserve that other drivers keep them safe, especially on busy roads. However, this also means that all motorcycle riders need to follow the same laws, along with a few specialized guidelines.

If you recently started riding a motorcycle, our firm is here to help. A knowledgeable motorcycle crash attorney could outline motorcycle traffic laws in Wausau, to help you understand both your protections and obligations.

Motorcycle Laws and Defensive Driving Suggestions

Generally speaking, motorcyclists have to adhere to all the same rules and traffic regulations that apply to standard passenger cars. Both kinds of vehicles need to exercise due care, doing everything they can to avoid accidents and refrain from engaging in reckless behavior. However, when it comes to motorcycles, one specific regulation applies. In Wisconsin, both motorcycle riders and passengers need to wear a helmet if they are under 18 or only have their instructional permit.

Meanwhile, beyond traffic laws, motorcycle riders can engage in defensive driving tactics to keep themselves safe and lessen the impact of a crash. Anyone who rides a motorcycle should keep a close eye on nearby vehicles, watch for people changing lanes, and be careful when riding in another car’s blind spot. Additionally, riders should always use their lights at night and wear brightly colored clothing whenever possible.

If a motorcyclist has additional questions about helmet laws or how to ride defensively, an intelligent attorney in Wausau could explain more during a consultation.

Why Follow Traffic Laws and Motorcycle Regulations?

It is extra crucial for local motorcyclists to follow the laws carefully and exercise due care because, in many cases, drivers do not treat motorcycles with the respect they deserve.

For example, a local motorcycle rider might have to deal with farm equipment that suddenly turns onto a country road, horse buggies that do not have any kind of signals, or congested, unpredictable traffic in the city center. In any of these cases, a distracted individual might make a sudden turn or movement that threatens a motorcyclist’s safety.

If a motorcyclist was hit by a driver who did not respect their presence or right of way, a skilled lawyer in Wausau could help collect compensation by demonstrating that they were following all the relevant traffic laws.

Impact of Recklessness on a Case

Not following motorcycle traffic laws could have serious consequences in the event of an accident. If, after a crash, the defendant or the other driver’s insurance company proves that a seemingly innocent plaintiff was not adhering to traffic rules, the motorcyclist might collect less monetary damages than they normally would. This can be frustrating for someone left with expenses and injuries, but the law does not discriminate.

Meanwhile, if a motorcycle rider caused a crash because they did not follow traffic laws, they will likely need to assume all financial responsibility for the accident. This might mean they pay an expensive settlement, or the entirety of another driver’s hospital bills.

If a motorcyclist needs help arguing that they were following traffic laws at the time of a crash, they could benefit from working with an experienced attorney in Wausau.

Learn More about Motorcycle Traffic Laws in Wausau from an Attorney

If you ride a motorcycle, you need to remember that you are subjected to the same laws and regulations that apply to passenger car drivers. However, you also should understand that you are entitled to the same exact protections. If you were following traffic guidelines closely and another motorist caused an accident, our hardworking lawyers could help you seek financial compensation.

Our well-practiced attorneys understand motorcycle traffic laws in Wausau, which means we can offer the representation you deserve. Reach out to our office today to learn more.

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