Cycling is great exercise and an environmentally friendly commuting option in the warmer months. Sometimes, people even equip their bikes with fat tires and use them year-round. Unfortunately, this transportation option can be incredibly dangerous for many cyclists.

Bicycling accidents injure people on local roads yearly, leaving them with significant and sometimes permanent injuries. Fortunately, a Stevens Point bicycle accident lawyer represents bike crash victims and can help them get the appropriate compensation they deserve. If you were hurt in a bike collision, get in touch with a dedicated personal injury attorney as soon as possible to explore your legal options.

Laws Give Cyclists a Right to the Roads

Cyclists have the same responsibilities and rights as motor vehicle drivers. However, because cyclists are more vulnerable to accident-related injuries than motorists, state laws require drivers to take special precautions to protect bikers.

Wisconsin Statute §346.075 requires drivers on the road to give bikes at least three feet of clearance. Likewise, state law permits drivers to cross the center line of the road if necessary to provide a bike three feet of space. Drivers who cannot cross the center line safely must wait at a safe distance behind the bicycle until they have enough room to pass.

Additionally, cars must yield to an oncoming bicycle when turning left or pulling out of a driveway or parking space. A tenacious attorney in Stevens Point could investigate whether a driver observed the local laws to protect bicycle riders.

Common Causes of Cycling Crashes in Stevens Point

Bicyclists are at the mercy of cars on the roads, and unfortunately, drivers often do not notice bikes. Some drivers even resent sharing the road with bicyclists and intentionally crowd them or follow too closely when bikers travel in the traffic lane. As a result, the vehicle driver is often at fault for bicycle collisions.

Cycling crashes often happen when cars do not obey the law and do not give bicyclists the respect they deserve. Many crashes happen when cars rear-end or sideswipe a bike. Sadly, these incidents would not occur if the vehicle operator had given the biker the clearance the law requires. A police report or witness statement could provide a local attorney with the evidence they need to show a driver was responsible for a bicycle crash.

“Dooring” is another frequent cause of bicycle accidents, occurring when drivers or passengers open their doors into the path of an oncoming bike. Dooring can cause significant injuries to bike riders, flipping them over the handlebars and sometimes into oncoming traffic.

Bicycle Accidents Could Cause Severe Injuries

Many riders wear helmets, but the law does not require them. Unfortunately, bikers are often unprotected during crashes, resulting in severe injuries. During accidents, cyclists commonly protect their heads with their arms, which causes collarbone, hand, and wrist fractures. If a biker’s shoes are locked in their bicycle pedals and do not release, their lower leg could twist, resulting in soft tissue injuries or fractures. Additionally, cyclists might experience head or spinal cord injuries if they are thrown over the handlebars.

These injuries require medical treatment and could cause a rider to miss significant time off work. In some cases, bike accident injuries are permanent, and a rider might never recover. A dedicated lawyer in Stevens Point could file a civil claim against a driver seeking compensation for the cyclist’s medical expenses, lost income, pain, suffering, and diminished quality of life.

Work With a Stevens Point Attorney After a Bicycle Accident

Bicycle accidents are usually preventable. Tragically, drivers often do not see cyclists or do not allow them to use the roads as the law requires. This can lead to unexpected crashes with devastating consequences.

A Stevens Point bicycle accident lawyer could pursue a claim against a negligent driver and demand fair compensation for an injured victim. Reach out today to speak with a capable legal professional.

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