While dogs make wonderful pets and companions, handling them requires patience and skill. Unfortunately, not all dog owners are responsible enough to train their pets, meaning that many innocent people and other animals are susceptible to vicious animal attacks.

State law makes dog owners responsible for the harm their animal causes. In addition, the law imposes significant penalties if a dog with a biting history attacks again. If a canine caused you or your child to suffer an injury, get in touch with a dedicated personal injury attorney for advice as soon as possible. A Stevens Point dog attack lawyer could advise you on the best steps to get appropriate compensation for the harm you suffered.

What Strict Liability Means in a Dog Attack Case

The law holds owners strictly liable for any injuries their dog causes. Strict liability means the injured person does not need to prove the owner did something wrong. However, if a person can prove that a dog caused them harm, their owner is responsible for compensating this injured plaintiff.

Wisconsin Statute §174.02 applies to any injury a dog causes, not just a bite. For example, if a dog jumps onto someone and knocks them down, the dog owner is responsible for any subsequent injuries. Likewise, if a dog runs into the street and causes a car accident, its owner is responsible for vehicle damage and any injuries the crash caused.

When a dog causes an injury to a person, seeking immediate medical treatment is crucial to ensure the damage is properly documented. Medical care is also essential since even minor skin tears could lead to a severe infection. Additionally, dog attacks should be reported to Portage County Animal Control so that a dog’s owner can be identified. Finally, if the incident was unprovoked, a dog attack victim should call the police and get in touch with an experienced attorney in Stevens Point as soon as possible.

Double Penalties if the Dog is a Repeat Offender

Regardless of the circumstances of a canine attack, dog owners must pay the injured person’s damages. These losses could include the following:

  • Medical expenses
  • Psychological counseling
  • Lost wages
  • Pain and suffering
  • Scarring
  • Property damage

If a dog owner knows that their pet bit a person hard enough to break their skin, they could face increased liability if the animal attacks again. The law says that an owner could pay up to twice an injured person’s damages if they result from a dog bite. A Stevens Point lawyer could help a victim document and prove the losses they suffered due to a dog bite.

What to Consider After a Dog Attack in Stevens Point

Unfortunately, many people suffer injuries from dogs they know. If an aggressive canine belongs to a friend, family member, or neighbor, a victim hurt in an attack might be reluctant to file a report or seek compensation.

In many cases, a dog owner’s insurance covers canine attacks, so making a claim will not put the owner out of pocket. However, even if an owner offers to pay the expenses of the attack, it is wise first to consult a legal professional. A knowledgeable local attorney could advise whether settling a dog attack case in private is an appropriate strategy to preserve relationships because it keeps negotiations strictly business.

Consult a Stevens Point Attorney After a Dog Attack Injury

Dogs can inflict significant physical and psychological harm on a person. In some cases, attack victims develop a fear of dogs that they never overcome. Fortunately, when a person suffers injuries from another person’s dog, the law makes the owner responsible for all their losses.

Contact a Stevens Point dog attack lawyer immediately if a dog injures you or your loved one. With the help of a legal representative, you could get the compensation you deserve.

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