Since commercial trucks are so heavy and hard to control, any crash with this kind of vehicle could have devastating consequences. If you were hit by a negligent truck driver or injured by an irresponsible commercial vehicle company, you might be stuck in the hospital, unable to work. Your bills are likely piling up, and you might worry about your next steps. Truck drivers and their employers deserve to be held responsible when their careless behavior leaves innocent people with severe injuries.

Thankfully, a Stevens Point truck accident lawyer could help you seek justice in these situations. A skilled personal injury attorney understands how to pursue compensation for a tractor-trailer crash and could provide personalized guidance.

Why do Truck Accidents Happen?

Semis and tractor-trailers can weigh tens of thousands of pounds. They are difficult to stop when they are traveling at high speeds. This means that any negligent behavior becomes even more dangerous when a commercial truck is involved. One simple mistake by a big rig driver could cause a severe and frightening collision. Common causes of trucking accidents include:

  • Exhausted driving from forced overtime hours
  • Distractions behind the wheel
  • Driving a truck while intoxicated or drunk
  • Poorly loading cargo into the bed of a commercial vehicle
  • Defective parts or equipment on a rig
  • A driver forgetting to check their large blind spots
  • General traffic infractions or violations of truck-specific laws

An unrepresented plaintiff might not know where to begin when it comes to figuring out what caused a truck crash, but this is a crucial part of any case. Fortunately, an experienced legal representative in Stevens Point could investigate the truck accident, determine exactly what happened, and collect compelling evidence to strengthen the plaintiff’s claim.

Negligence Per Se

When a truck driver violates a traffic law, their violation may be considered negligent per se. Wisconsin Jury Instruction 1009 explains that when a defendant’s behavior breaches a known law or regulation, they are automatically considered negligent. A skilled lawyer in Stevens Point understands this concept and could use it to strengthen their client’s truck accident claim.

Identifying Who Must Assume Liability for a Truck Wreck

Depending on the circumstances surrounding a wreck, one or more parties might need to face responsibility for the truck accident. In some cases, a legal representative might only be able to hold an individual commercial vehicle driver accountable. When this happens, the resulting compensation might not be enough to fully repay an innocent plaintiff for their losses.

However, in other circumstances, a commercial vehicle corporation might also need to assume liability for a crash. For example, a trucking company might need to face responsibility for their actions if an attorney can prove that they:

  • Hired inexperienced drivers
  • Forced drivers to work past their legal limits
  • Improperly loaded trailers
  • Failed to properly maintain their vehicle fleet
  • Inadequately trained their drivers

These situations can often be beneficial for an injured plaintiff since big rig corporations usually have substantial funds at their disposal. A claimant might be able to collect more compensation for the truck accident than they would if they were only targeting a lone driver, as a seasoned attorney in Stevens Point could explain.

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Truck accident cases can be complicated since pinpointing the cause of the crash or figuring out who needs to assume responsibility is often a challenge. An injured plaintiff might not have the strength, knowledge, or energy to do this after being involved in a serious crash. Fortunately, our legal representatives are here to help. You deserve someone to protect your integrity, and a Stevens Point truck accident lawyer could provide dedicated assistance with pursuing monetary damages. Call our office today to schedule an initial consultation.

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