It is upsetting to imagine that an elderly person might not receive competent and compassionate care in a nursing home facility. Unfortunately, the truth is that many nursing home residents become victims of neglect.

Sometimes, nursing home staff members are unresponsive or even cruel to patients. However, in many cases, employees are overworked. Regardless of the circumstances, neglect could have severe consequences for assisted living patients.

Contact a local personal injury attorney immediately if you believe your loved one could be suffering from abuse in a retirement home. A Stevens Point nursing home neglect lawyer could investigate the situation and determine if filing a civil claim against the facility is the best option.

Signs Your Loved One is Not Receiving Adequate Care

Nursing home residents are vulnerable for many reasons. For example, they are often frail and may not communicate well. However, even if they can still speak, they may show signs of memory loss or dementia, making it difficult to determine if something is wrong.

Family members must try to oversee their loved one’s care by visiting often, asking questions, and getting to know the staff members. However, it is crucial to contact an assisted living facility administrator immediately if your loved one:

  • Falls frequently
  • Loses or gains weight without any explanation
  • Is not clean or appears unkempt
  • Becomes dehydrated
  • Seems agitated, fearful, withdrawn, or depressed
  • Complains of getting too little or too much medication
  • Develops pressure ulcers
  • Is under chemical or physical restraint
  • Says staff are unresponsive to their needs

If you have concerns about a nursing home resident, contacting a knowledgeable attorney in Stevens Point is a crucial step to protecting them from neglect. A legal professional could offer advice about questions to ask the facility administrator. In some cases, a legal team member could investigate the situation and discuss improving the patient’s care with the facility.

Nursing Home Patients Have the Right to Attentive Care

Federal law entitles all nursing home patients to specific rights, including the freedom to make decisions regarding their medical treatment. These rights guarantee that a patient will be treated respectfully and receive proper medical care. However, when a nursing home patient does not receive the appropriate treatment, the facility has dishonored the individual’s rights.

The Wisconsin Department of Health Services Division of Quality Assurance (DQA) regulates and licenses nursing homes. With the help of a skilled retirement home abuse lawyer, a concerned relative or friend can file a complaint with DQA anonymously. Upon receiving the complaint, an investigator in Stevens Point will review the evidence and ensure the facility corrects any deficiencies.

Civil Claims Against Negligent Nursing Homes

A complaint to the facility Administrator or DQA could correct the issue, but this route does not offer compensation for the suffering the facility caused. In many cases, spouses, domestic partners, children, guardians, or siblings can bring civil claims against nursing homes. Understaffing, inadequate training, ineffective supervision, and failure to maintain a safe facility could be the basis of a negligence claim. If a patient received poor medical treatment, a claim could argue that the resident’s care did not meet a reasonable standard.

Anyone considering a civil claim must be aware of time limits. For example, Wisconsin Statute §893.54 typically allows claimants three years to file a negligence claim. If the assertion is medical malpractice, a claimant also has three years, but the clock begins to run on the date they discovered the medical error. Discussing time limits with an attorney in Stevens Point could help you know what to expect when filing a claim for a nursing home resident’s medical expenses, pain, and suffering.

Combat Nursing Home Neglect with a Stevens Point Attorney

Do not leave a nursing home patient without options if they are not receiving the attentive care they deserve. Your intervention could make a huge difference in your loved one’s quality of life.

Contact a Stevens Point nursing home neglect lawyer if you feel a loved one is receiving poor care. Call today to discuss your situation with a compassionate professional.

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